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3 Not-So-Secret Wound Care Tricks that Minimize Scarring

A study once showed that more than 100 million patients develop scars each year due to several reasons. Some acquire a scar through surgery while others get it due to trauma. Whatever the cause is, a scar is a natural part of healing, but they can affect you in a lot of ways if they are so prominent that they can be seen by others. The good news is, scarring can be minimized with proper wound care in San Diego.


Here are three not-so-secret wound care tricks to keep in mind:


Keep it Clean

Whether you have a small scrape, a regular cut or a huge open wound, the first order of business in any wound care in San Diego is proper cleaning. If you can, wash the affected area with soap and water right after the injury. This will help remove any debris on the wound and keep the germs out, which could be a catalyst for delayed wound healing and thus, scarring. It’s also very important to wash your hands properly before handling your wound to avoid contamination.



Keep it Moist

A wound can easily dry up and create a scab that can delay its healing and thus create a bigger, more visible scar. So, if you don’t want that, you need to always keep your wound moist by applying petroleum jelly before covering it with an adhesive bandage.


If your wound care specialist recommends it, you can also apply anti-bacterial creams, especially if you have a huge open wound that is prone to infection. What about scar creams? Experts advise against using them since they haven’t been scientifically proven yet to improve scarring. Follow your doctor’s advice instead and take care of your wound properly.



Keep it Covered

A rule of thumb in any wound care in San Diego is to never leave your wound exposed to the elements like dust, dirt and even moisture. This is why aside from cleaning; you need to cover your wound with an adhesive bandage, especially if it’s an open wound. You can also use silicone gel sheets for bigger wounds or burns. Keep in mind that you need to change your adhesive bandage daily to keep moisture and bacteria from delaying wound healing.



Keep it Stitched

If you have a cut, it’s better to have it stitched by a medical professional while the wound is fresh to prevent contamination. If you keep it open for too long and the wound starts to heal, the doctor won’t be able to stitch it together anymore. The trick here is to see a medical professional immediately so he can decide whether a stitch is in order or not.


Finally, it helps to apply sunscreen after the wound has healed, especially when it is constantly exposed to the sun. Having proper sun protection doesn’t only promote further healing but it also helps reduce the brown or red discoloration that can cause the scar to be more visible. If you don’t know exactly what to do, talk to a specialist in wound care in San Diego to get the best advice on how to properly take care of your wound.




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