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Treatment and Management for Spider Veins

To this day, spider veins are a common occurrence for many people. It has affected a majority of the population, so much so, that spider vein removal services are not hard to find. In Orange County or in any parts of California, there are already quite a number of facilities that offer spider vein removal.


San Diego Vascular Center has top notch and world-class facilities that assure patients experience quality services for treatments such as spider vein removal. Before going through spider vein removal in Orange County, San Diego, or wherever you prefer, it’s important to know more about these conditions, its possible treatments, and management.


What are Spider Veins?


Generally, spider veins aren’t as serious when compared to varicose veins. However, it could be an indication of some other vascular health issues. To further understand this matter, it’s important to understand more about how your veins work inside your body.


Spider veins usually occur in one’s legs, feet, and/or possibly the face. These spider veins are formed when superficial veins closer to the skin leak out tiny amounts of blood. It causes discoloration in those veins which can easily be seen with the naked eye.


Since these are quite common occurrences, there are quite a lot of products dedicated to addressing spider vein issues. Some brands produce creams, concealers, and serum that contain vitamin K that is said to promote blood clotting and reduce leakage and prevent the occurrence of spider veins.


One thing about these topical treatments is that they don’t often promise lasting results. In fact, a lot of physicians don’t always recommend this as a permanent solution to treating and managing spider veins. Oftentimes, products like these are only recommended as an adjunctive therapy to a more permanent course of treatment for this condition.


Spider Vein Treatment and Management


There are procedures dedicated solely to the treatment of spider veins. Although these veins are generally harmless, they can be a source of burning and pain, especially when a person has been standing for long periods of time. For individuals who are concerned about their spider veins, there are quite a few treatment options that they can choose from.


Sclerotherapy – This procedure doesn’t need anesthesia and could easily be performed in your doctor’s office. The doctor will inject each vein with a solution that closes the veins. This way, the blood will reroute themselves through healthier veins. Oftentimes, these veins fade out in a few weeks but sometimes doctors will require the vein to be injected more than once.


Laser Surgery – This procedure won’t require large incisions or injections. Using strong bursts of light, laser surgery will make the affected veins slowly disappear. However, it should be known that laser surgery is less effective than that of sclerotherapy. This is especially true when treating larger veins through this procedure.


After treatment, some doctors may prescribe some add-on therapy for spider vein management. These are certain things patients can do on their own. It is unlikely, but if a patient is experiencing a side effect that is of concern after treatment, it’s best to consult your doctor for further treatment or other pain management options.



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