varicose veins - compression stockings

Should You Get Surgery for Varicose Veins?

Surgery for varicose veins isn’t usually necessary if you develop this kind of circulatory condition. Then again, as you age, there is a tendency for it to cause some level of discomfort.


Before you make a decision about varicose vein removal in Orange County, consider a few things first.



Care to Improve Symptoms

Varicose veins can cause pain but it can also be free of it. If you don’t feel any pain, you know you’ve developed the condition by seeing some dark purple or blue veins twisting underneath your skin. You will also notice that your veins are bulging.


Pain, however, can accompany the condition. Usually, you get to experience the following:

  • a burning and throbbing sensation in your lower legs that can also be accompanied by muscle cramping and swelling
  • a heavy or achy feeling in legs
  • a pain that feels worse after sitting or standing for a long period
  • an itch around one or more veins
  • discoloration of the skin around the affected vein


While the quickest decision to make is to just go for varicose vein removal in Orange County, there are some things you can do before taking a big leap. Here are some of them:


  • Wear compression stockings. Varicose veins develop because of the congestion of blood. Wearing this type of hosiery can improve circulation since it applies pressure on the ankles and legs, helping to compress the surface arteries and veins which leads to a better functioning vein that can circulate blood to the heart without any blockages.
  • Put legs up. At home, whether you’re watching TV or reading a book, make sure to prop up your legs with a pillow or a chair. Doing this provides some much-needed elevation.
  • Incorporate exercise into your routine. Exercise doesn’t have to be jumping on a treadmill or going running. While you can definitely do those, you can look for ways to get some physical activity in your day, be it taking the stairs to your floor or walking to the shops – if it’s a manageable distance – rather than taking the car.
  • Lose weight. Obesity has been cited as a factor that could cause varicose veins to develop. You can try dropping a few pounds to see if your condition improves.



Think Clearly about Surgery

You may not like the sight of varicose veins on your legs, but keep in mind that undergoing surgery can also leave scars. The type of treatment you receive also depends on the size of the affected vein. Large veins will require surgery or non-invasive procedures like endovenous laser treatment. On the other hand, small or medium-sized veins can be treated with sclerotherapy.



Check with Your Insurance

Check if your insurance covers vein removal since some policies don’t tend to cover procedures that are looked upon as “aesthetic” in nature. Sure, varicose veins can cause pain but do check before you proceed.



Compare Your Options

List down the pros and cons of opting for the treatment. Doing so allows you to be confident in your final decision, whichever it may be.




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