varicose vein treatment

Standing all day for my job…will it cause varicose veins?

Being required to stand all day, or for long periods of time daily, can be the root cause of vein issues.

varicose vein treatment

The average person works 40+ hours per week, during which they are either sitting or standing. As we all know, many people work more than 40 hours per week. Additionally, other activities outside of work also involve standing, which further compounds the negative effects of standing. Standing for such a significant chunk of your time can lead to various health issues, including foot, back and knee problems, and vein or circulation problems.

Standing for long periods of time can be uncomfortable, which in itself is a sign from your body to change positions. Associated pain from standing may include foot, leg or back pain. However, standing for long periods also increases the likelihood of developing varicose veins, for which you wouldn’t feel any associated aches or pains. Your legs may feel fatigued, but when you first notice varicose vein, they symptoms will most likely be visible, as the reddish-purple network of veins appears on your legs, behind the knees, or ankles.

Sitting is not the best solution, as sitting for long periods also contributes to varicose veins. In addition to affecting the circulatory system and causing varicose veins, sitting is also closely associated with back and neck pain, sciatic nerve problems (often chronic), and carpal tunnel syndrome (due to improper height of hands and keyboards at standard chair and desk heights).

It’s noteworthy that not all individuals who are required to stand for long periods develop varicose veins or spider veins, and there is no way of predicting who will develop varicose veins. Those with a family history of varicose veins should pay attention, as they are most likely at a higher level of risk.

In addition to causing varicose veins and spider veins, standing for long periods daily over several years can increase atherosclerosis, due to the demands standing places on the circulatory system.


I can’t change my job, so, what’s the solution?

We’ve all heard experts recommend that we take breaks often, at least once per hour. But taking a break from standing by just sitting down will not offer much help. Try to walk as often as possible, stretch several times throughout the day, and put your feet up as often as possible.



The purpose of veins is to return blood to the heart for oxygenation. Think about how much harder the veins have to work to push the blood up to the heart from the feet and legs, while in a constant standing position. It is a constant fight against gravity, that can eventually weaken the one-way valve that facilitates the movement of blood. Once this valve is weakened, the blood pools and backflows in the area, causing the area of the vein to bulge, and also resulting in the visible purple-blue varicose veins or spider veins.

So, as much as you can do to facilitate circulation, the better. Go for a walk. Do a few yoga poses. Sit in a recliner with your feet up. Go for a swim. But do these activities throughout the day to break up the constant standing activity. It’s all about balance, right?

Already have varicose veins or spider veins? No problem. Varicose vein treatment is fast, simple, and painless. But get your varicose veins taken care of now, because allowing them to worsen can lead to greater health problems. Also, your varicose veins might not necessarily be the result of standing, you’ll want to have them checked by a vascular surgeon to make sure they are not the result of a more serious vascular disease.

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