San Diego Vascular Center Customer Testimonials

San Diego Vascular Center Customer Testimonials

We gathered together a small collection of comments from San Diego Vascular Center customers from San Diego, Riverside and Orange Counties. We hope they help you feel confident about our vascular care services, ranging from spider vein treatment and varicose vein removal, IPL Laser treatments, Laser Hair Removal, to wound care and care and serious vascular disease treatment.

 wound care

Varicose Vein Treatment:

“I had noticeably large varicose veins in my legs from a young age, due to heredity. I was very self-conscious, and refrained from wearing shorts or swim suits. I am so relieved after having the varicose veins removed. I can wear anything now, and feel completely confident. The treatment was a breeze, and doctors and staff treated me like gold.”

~Mona T., Aliso Viejo, Orange County, CA


“I developed varicose veins in my thirties, but held off for many years on getting them removed, because I had a fear of doctors and treatment. The veins got worse and worse and worse over the years, and eventually became painful. The doctors and even the receptionist staff at San Diego Vascular Center were so caring and gentle with me, I knew I was in good in hands. The procedure was fast and painless. If I had known that the varicose vein removal would have been so easy, I would have done it years ago.”

~Alyssa M., Riverside CA


Spider Vein Treatment

“I developed spider veins in several areas when I reached my mid-forties. They were on my legs, my ankles, and on my nose and cheeks. I thought that it would be an expensive undertaking due to how many areas I was affected by, so I didn’t pursue spider vein removal right away. Finally, my youngest son told me that my nose looked like a map, and I made an appointment (after doing some research, of course). The laser procedure on my face and ankles was non-invasive, fast and painless. They used an injection on the larger spider veins in my legs, and I watched them disappear before my eyes. I know it is a cosmetic procedure, but it is a big relief to feel confident and not embarrassed anymore. Thank you.”

~Denise R., San Clemente, Orange County, CA


Wound Care

“I brought my mother to San Diego Vascular Center for her diabetic wounds, after a referral from her primary care physician. My mom was in pain, and very nervous about treatment. I want to take a moment to write this thank you to the doctors and kind, caring staff at San Diego Vascular Center. Just looking at her foot today I can see how much better it is, and my mom is not only healthy, but very happy.”

~Ellis P., San Diego, CA


“I suffered from pressure wounds for about 18 months. Most people have no idea what this is like…not only is it a source of anxiety and extreme discomfort, but they are prone to getting infected. My body was constantly fighting infection. I would go to a doctor for treatment, but the wounds would never heal, and the infections would return. I live in Orange County, but I met Dr. Bulkin at a North County Health & Wellness fair while visiting San Diego. Dr. Bulkin impressed me with his knowledge and his manner.

After 18 months of anxiety and suffering, my wounds were healed in about 6 weeks. The San Diego Vascular Center not only cleaned and treated my wounds, but they did a holistic health assessment, and taught me more about how to care for myself and my wounds than I could ever imagine. Thank you for allowing me to move past this chapter and feel healthy and optimistic again.”

Emmaneul M., Irvine, Orange County, CA


Vascular Disease – Aortic Aneurysm

“Dr. Bulkin spoke at the nursing home where I stay. I told him that I have been having high blood pressure after a knee surgery, and I was going to speak to my doctor about how the surgery could have cause my blood pressure to skyrocket. He told me to come in immediately, because surgery would not cause high blood pressure. He saved my life. I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm, and could have died at any moment. I was a walking time bomb. With caring and reassurance, they scheduled me for surgery immediately to have the damaged aorta section replaced. If you suddenly experience high blood pressure or pain in the stomach area, it is worth getting checked immediately. I recommend the San Diego Vascular Center with my highest recommendation.

~Sergio B. , San Diego, CA