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Newer Therapies or Treatments for Spider Veins

Spider veins may be harmless but they can cause some pain, especially for those whose job involves standing for long periods. Not only do they inflict some level of pain, people can be conscious about its appearance on their legs. As such, many opt for spider vein treatment San Diego to get rid of the unsightly veins.



The attempt to “cure” someone of spider veins created a market for creams, concealers, and serums – a market that spanned the globe. Many of these treatments claimed to contain vitamin K, which is an anti-hemorrhagic that reduces blood from spilling and therefore prevents the appearance of spider veins.



While going for a topical may seem cost effective for some, others prefer to go for the more expensive surgical procedures.





This kind of vein treatment involves injecting the offending vein with a solution that irritates, causing the lining to collapse. In the past, compounds such as iron and mercury were used but the side effects were questionable at best. Today, solutions based on saline are used and an advanced form that uses foam is also an option.



The solution that is injected into the veins scars it and leads to its closure. As a result, blood finds another path to a much healthier vein. The “spider-like” appearance on the legs disappear in a few weeks’ time. However, this is a treatment that needs repeat visits in order to effectively treat spider veins.



This treatment doesn’t need the help of anesthesia and can be performed in an office setting. Rest is recommended after the procedure, with full recovery expected in about two weeks. However, it may take longer if the treatment was performed on both legs.



Laser treatments


While sclerotherapy requires the use of needles, this form of vein surgery doesn’t. This treatment is performed by using laser on the vein, which eventually leads it to fade and disappear. Like sclerotherapy, full recovery may take a few weeks and also involves multiple visits.



Post-surgery care


Since these procedures can be done without having a hospital admission, you would think that recovery would be quick. That isn’t the case. Yes, these surgeries aren’t that invasive but you still need time to recover.



In fact, you might feel some levels of pain in the few hours after you’ve had spider vein treatment San Diego. While some pain can be managed without medication, you can take a pain reliever if you find it uncomfortable.



When the pain wears off, you might be tempted to get back into your old activities. However, that is ill-advised as you have to make sure the wounds have totally healed before engaging in any strenuous activities.



Compression stockings are your friend post-surgery. They help improve blood flow and they make you feel better too. While you’re recovering, it would be best to avoid standing or sitting for long hours. You might even need to avoid getting behind the wheel for the first 48 hours at least.



You don’t have to suffer from spider veins since there spider vein treatment San Diego available to get rid of them. Get in touch with San Diego Vascular Center today to discuss the best treatment options for you!



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