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Keeping Proper Vein Health for the New Year

Another year is coming to a close, and it’s another opportunity to remind you to make vein health a priority. Yes, there may be no absolute way to prevent varicose veins from making an appearance, but there are ways to reduce your risk of developing them or adding new ones to those you already have.


Quick Tips for Varicose Vein Prevention

  • Exercise. This cannot be stated enough: moving around is good for you. Getting exercise doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym. There are different ways for you to get “exercise”, and these include taking a walk around a nearby park, choosing to take the stairs to your office instead of the elevator, and getting up from your desk once in a while to go for a walk around the office. And here’s one of the easiest: those household chores you hate doing can count as exercise.
  • Eat healthy. Apart from exercise, this has been on the suggestion list of many health professionals. And it’s not just to prevent varicose veins from developing; it’s suggested for your overall well-being. Yes, it might be tempting to munch through a bag of chips while watching your favorite show, but you have to pace yourself. It can’t be an everyday affair. So try as much as you can to stick to a low-salt and high-fiber diet.
  • Elevate your legs. This might be difficult to do in an office setting, but do it if you can. Otherwise, you can opt for the “getting up once in a while” routine. If you’ve sat for far too long in the office, make it a point to raise your legs when you get home.


For the ladies, avoiding high heels and tight hosiery are good varicose vein prevention tips. Sure, it feels great to put on a pair of heels once in a while but try not to make it a daily routine. While it’s nice to be fashionable, you can try to slip to more comfortable footwear once in the office.


Solving Varicose Vein Problems

The tips presented above are simple suggestions for preventing varicose veins for those who haven’t had them. Even those who already experienced the presence of these gnarled veins on their legs can use a suggestion or two to prevent their appearance. For those who currently have said veins on their body can look to the following treatment options:


  • Sclerotherapy. This involves the injection of a solution into the problematic vein. The solution works by irritating the lining of the blood vessel, leading to its collapse. The collapsed vessel turns into scar tissue and will fade over time. This is one of the most effective treatments, having been used since the 1930s.
  • Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA). Unlike sclerotherapy which requires a solution, this procedure involves removing problematic veins with the use of a laser. But just like injecting a solution, the laser also works by collapsing the vein’s walls.



As a new year is about to begin, choose to care about vein health. It’s not easy suffering from varicose veins and keeping proper vein health will help with preventing them from making an appearance, and it doesn’t require too much effort.




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