Facial Spider Vein Treatment

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Spider vein removal is one of the most popular vein treatments, because spider veins on the face, legs, feet, chest and arms are even more common than the more prominent varicose veins. Spider veins and reticular (blue) veins are smaller than varicose veins, and are not serious in nature. They can, however, continue to spread, so logic dictates that the longer you wait to treat your spider veins, the more treatments you will require. Larger clusters of spider veins and reticular veins may cause uncomfortable aching or burning sensation, yet spider vein removal is still largely accepted as a cosmetic procedure.

There are many websites on the internet touting natural or herbal cures, or even creams and lotions to remove spider veins. Please note that, at this time, there is no evidence of any topical cream or natural remedy that has been proven to reduce or remove spider veins.

So, what are your options for treatment if you have spider veins?



Spider veins, as well as the larger varicose veins, are non-functioning veins. That is, instead of moving blood along in one direction, faulty valves cause some blood to flow backwards, causing  a noticeable pooling of blood. By removing or closing these veins, the blood will be naturally redirected through healthier veins, and routed correctly toward the deeper venous system and the heart.

For facial spider veins, we want to choose the most minimally invasive procedures possible. Spider and reticular vein treatment involves the destruction of the veins either by means of a chemical or heat energy. While sclerotherapy (vein closure by injection of a solution) is an option, we prefer the VariLite laser for facial spider vein removal. This new technology operates by means of intense light that targets darker pigmented blood vessels (as well as rosacea and age spots), leaving untargeted, healthy skin untouched. The heat from the laser causes the damaged veins to close, and the pooled hemoglobin to be reabsorbed back into the body for elimination. The procedure is painless, and takes about 15 minutes.

Many patients are happy with the VariLite laser as a treatment option for facial spider veins, especially since they can combine their visit to also treat age spots and rosacea simultaneously. It is not uncommon for us to have patients drive from nearby Orange County (especially since we located near Orange County in North San Diego county), and Riverside Counties. It is well worth a few extra minutes of drive time to have the sensitive facial area treated by a board certified vascular surgeon, using state-of-the-art equipment in a clean, modern facility.
It is also important to note another reason for choosing the VariLite laser for facial or chest area spider vein treatment…this newer model laser treats quickly and effectively without bruising of nearby skin, as was a common side-effect with older heat-based systems.

While laser treatment of small spider vein clusters is preferred, please keep in mind that larger clusters of spider veins, or thicker varicose veins, often yield best results when treated with sclerotherapy. The larger vein clusters are seldom found in the facial area; they most commonly associated with the legs.



In the weeks prior to spider vein removal, please refrain from tanning or sun exposure, which may make your skin sensitive to the heat and light from the laser. Also, please avoid Advil, Ibuprofen (or any NSAID medications), or any herbal remedies that promote bleeding or bruising.

After a thorough examination and questionnaire is performed by our vascular surgeon, a mild numbing crème may be applied to ensure your maximum comfort. The procedure is considered by most to be painless, but since heat is applied, a cooling gel may be applied after to ensure soothing comfort.

There is no down time after laser spider vein removal treatment, however, please be careful to minimize sun exposure in the weeks following treatment. The heat generated from the laser may produce a mild sunburn effect on the skin, which would be especially sensitive to UV exposure.

While spider vein treatment is typically permanent, the body sometimes creates new spider veins, which would require additional treatment.
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