Dr. Bulkin’s Varicose Vein Removal Live On Fox News

Fox News spent some time interviewing Dr. Anatoly Bulkin from the San Diego Vascular Center. The main focus of the interview was varicose vein removal. While varicose veins are a common problem in general, an estimated 40% of pregnant women develop varicose veins. Hormonal factors and the pressure from the baby increase the likelihood of a pregnant woman developing varicose veins. Dr. Bulkn recommends that pregnant women wait several months after delivery before seeking varicose vein treatment, because varicose veins that occur during pregnancy tend to shrink in size after delivery.

Most cases of varicose veins are harmless, but if you experience pain, you should get checked by a vascular disease specialist immediately, to rule out more serious vascular disease.

Varicose veins can vary in size from barely noticeable, to so large that they begin to form ulcers.

When seeking varicose vein removal, it is highly recommended to see vascular disease specialist. Dr. Bulkin explains that when patients come to his office seeking varicose vein removal, he first performs an ultrasound to make sure that there is no underlying vascular disease causing the varicose veins.

Watch the video as Dr. Bulkin performs varicose vein removal live on the air! The unsightly veins disappear in seconds with no pain or discomfort.


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