facial spider veins - treatment options

What Can Cause Spider Veins to Appear on the Face

When you look in the mirror and find an unsightly mark, a webbed form on your face, you are probably wondering how you got it in the first place. That unattractive mark on your face is called spider veins, and the good news is that it can be treated. But what are the reasons behind what causes facial spider veins?



Causes of Facial Spider Veins

The appearance of a pimple is enough to make anyone self-conscious, but a gnarled figure? That can bring about a different level of shame. Since it’s already there, you might as well know how it made an appearance.


These are the common causes of facial spider veins:


  • Genes. Many of those who get spider veins happen to be related to each other. Science hasn’t given a concrete reason for this but suffice to say that it runs in the family. Let this be your warning to take better care of yourself if anyone in your family has this issue. Also, risk factors increase the older you get (yes, this issue can happen to anyone of any age).
  • Pregnancy. There’s much joy in carrying another human to be born in the world, but the journey isn’t always that sweet. Since skin issues are common among pregnant women, the appearance of gnarled veins on the face doesn’t come as a surprise. Also, the increase in estrogen hormones can be contributing factors that cause blood vessels to break.
  • Sun exposure. Your blood vessels become enlarged when you expose yourself too much to the sun. Some of the blood vessels on your face become more exposed when the top layer of your skin peels off.
  • Changes in weather. Blood vessels dilate when the weather is hot, making them more pronounced.
  • Alcohol consumption. Skin flushes when you consume alcohol, and there’s a reason for this: your blood vessels become enlarged. So if you’re a binge drinker, there’s a chance your heavy alcohol use can lead to the formation of webbed veins on your face.



Spider Vein Treatment Options

No one wants to have the appearance of unsightly veins anywhere on their body, especially in areas that are visible to much of the public. It’s a cause to be self-conscious about one’s appearance, but there is always a silver lining: treatment options are available.


One such treatment is sclerotherapy, which is also used to treat varicose veins. This procedure involves the injection of a solution that closes up a vein, leading blood to choose a different path. The mark will eventually disappear over time.


Another option is laser therapy. The process is similar to sclerotherapy but it uses laser instead of a solution to get rid of offending veins.


Although these treatments do get rid of twisted and unwanted veins, a one-time solution isn’t enough to cure you of the issue. Multiple sessions are needed to ensure the veins stay gone.



Also, undergoing these treatments is not enough: you have to make certain lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of these veins making a comeback.




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