Watch Spider Veins Disappear Before Your Eyes!

Watch Spider Veins Disappear Before Your Eyes!

I would venture to guess that most people walking around with spider veins do not realize how easily they can be removed, so I’ve attached this short but amazing video. It’s no secret to us how fast and effective our treatments are, after all, even patients seeking spider vein removal in Orange County find it worth the drive to our facility for expert care. And those looking for spider vein removal in San Diego know that we are right in their backyard.

The question came up as to how to explain to those not familiar with the San Diego Vascular Center, or the various treatments available, just how quick and effective our procedures are, so if you have one minute, please watch the video to see spider veins literally disappear before your eyes.

The first procedure in the video demonstrates sclerotherapy, a simple procedure in which a solution is injected into the veins, causing the small veins to close and the blood to be rerouted to healthier veins.

The second procedure in the video shows Vari-Lite Laser treatment, where the small, focused laser is directed at the unhealthy vein, causing it to close.

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